Friday, June 12, 2009

silly questions

Yesterday was really really fun.yes!I should be thankful that I have SHE who spends a lot of her time YM-ING with me. boring is our favourite word but yesterday was different.

We end up playing a,the rule was that,I have to ask her questions and vice versa.and then,we have to answer the questions and post it as bulletin on myspace.
So,people.TAKE A LOOK AT THIS.tak nak tgk pun takpe.haha.


When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
- huishhh, rambuttttt.

Do you own any powerpuff girl stuff?
- nope. :)

What happened at 9:00 am today?
- baru bangun kot. or dah bfast. im not so sure.

Name some turn ons and turn offs for boys
- turn ons: taller, he can sings/ plays any musical instument, when he wears baju melayu or shirt. :)
- turn offs: shorter, hip hop wannabe, baaad english, a party animal and sex maniac.

NAME one person in your life that can always make you smile?
- gf's.

Has anyone seen you in your underwear, other than mom?
- yeah, sisters.

will you go out with somebody that youve met in mspace?
- ive met few of them liyana, and u knw it.

do you love chef?
- yes, cos they cook real gooood dishes.

have you done french kiss?
- baaad mmaaama jaaamma

what do you want your husband to call you?
- this is a tough q that i asked you.
well, wtv u like syg. <-- kepade future husband.

define sexayyyy in a man
- pink innocent lips. haha.

would you date me if i am a man?
- kalau abg liyana, ok gak. haha

what is the most BUSUKEST thing that you find in a man?
- when he says the baby words. eg: mamam, tito, namau tomei2, its not cute at all, TAKE NOTE!

which one do u prefer,mydin or giant?
- kalau di subang, mydin la kot. lebih besar dan bersih dan murah.hahah

honestly, when you were young, do u like newboyz?
- another tough q dat i gave . x aci oh tiru sejarah mungkin berulang~

do you shave your moustache?
- liyana, she ade misai ke?

would you spend one whole day with osman kering if you were given a thousand dollars?
- yeah, sbb sekarang tgh kering. haha

what do you find sexy in lil wayne?
- his bling bling yaw! haha.

will you date someone who is way shorter than u are?
- hm nope. sozz. do you stalk other people's cmmnt? - used to. HAHA.

I did a great job!haha

If you could change your name,what would it be?
I LOVE MY NAME.I wouldnt change it like forever. :)

Do you worry about silly things like people not commenting you back?
Yeah!so,make sure you reply my comments. haha.

Do you love me?
YES,I LOVE YOU BEBEH. haha. siap caps lagi.

Have you met the person that you will never get over?
Nope.soalan apakah ini wahai she.haha

Do you consider yourself as a good stalker?
Good stalker?nah.i am the greatest stalker afraid people.

How many times that you fart silently when you were with your friends?
Haha.i dont count.i just fart whenever i feel like it.okay she,soalan grossy grossy oooo.

Do you like your classmates and roomates?
I LOVE MY ROOMATES.classmates?ade yang suke ade yg tak.

Would you marry 50 cent or eminem?
Like duhhh. eminem of course. he is way hotter than 50 cent.soalannya,nak ke si eminem to marry me.haha

If you were given a chance to be in parental control,would you?

How often that you shave your underarms?
Haha. Soalan bangang ni.every minute and every second.

Honestly,when you were young,do you like NEW BOYZ?
I dont like them.i love them.haha.siap ade poster lagi.the best song dieorg ‘sejarah mungkin berulang” liyana dgr everyday. yeah right.

Which do you prefer,MTV or channel v?
Cant decide.

Have you ever dance in a toilet?
Of course.siap boleh buat shuffle.

What is the sexiest thing about you liyana?
Sexy?i dont know.u tell me.

What do you want your husband to call you?
mmm.of course not lalink. geli oo geli. nanti nantilah lyana fikir.

Do you prefer geng bas sekolah or hikayat putra shazlan?
Huh?cerita ape tu?she sorg je kot tgk.

Do you like pamela anderson?why?
Nope.bak kata iskandar,pamela tu so-old-stuff sexy.

How many guys have you rejected?
None.sbb tak laku.haha

Who is your celebrity look a like?
Apek senario.haha.seriously,soalan apakah ini.

One thing you'd automatically hate someone for
liar liar pants on fire

Which do you prefer,younger or older guys?
you know the answer she.buat buat tanya pulak dah.haha

SHEE-AHHH. Thank you sbb bagi liyana gelak gila gila.I LOVE YOU BEBEH. :)


  1. hahha.bukan hiphop wanabe is ur top favourite ke?cam 50 cent.with the famous motto that u adore..get rich or die trying.hahahahahahha

  2. hahahaha.itu burung la*inside joke.eleh.dia yg the biggest fan of 50 cent siap hafal lyric candy shop lagi,tk mau mengaku. "ill take you to the candy shop.hahaha