Monday, August 17, 2009

cocoon in happiness

you guys should see this. i took this masterpiece from madonna's blog and i love it. this was written by my annoying little brother, harith. *madonna is my sister and my new "sugar mummy". sugar mummy? yeah! "please bank in more money for me, dona"

p/s : dona trump *new nickname for my sister deena. i am the greatest grabber.haha

and just now, DEKYA, my roomate said something that made me feel "cocoon in happiness". how dramatic is that?
i guess i am just happy to hear the words that came out from her mouth. what am i crapping. okay, seriously i need to stop crapping.
btw, thanks DEKYA. :) and now, i am smiling.haha

NOTE :need to hand in my assignment tomorrow. sila focus, LIYANA. please stop blogging and stalking ehem ehem.haha

fzah, kita pun stalker terhebat jugak.boleh buat group ni. :)


  1. elehhhh. gile makan dalam lukisan harith tue.heeeeeeee