Saturday, September 12, 2009

say hello to goodbye -___ -

"the way you behave is the reasons why people are talking behind your back". fyi, im not talking about you because i am just babbling.

todayyyyyyy, i spend most of my time lying on my jamie. i mean my bed. i cancelled my date with cik siti, ani and wan due to the financial problem. perhaps i should issue bonds or maybe preferred stock or maybe issue common stock to-solve-this-money- problem, seee, what finance did to my brain.

ohhh, i sold my colgate to mira, my roommate just to get 5 bucks. how pathetic is that? maybe i should invest my money and start the business on selling colgates. and shee, would you be my business partner? but but but i'm lucky that i have madonna *my sister. she is the coolest ceti along evaaaaaaa. and she asked me to pay back her money and i said "yan bayar bila yan dah kahwin, okayyy?" that means it would be a bed debt laaa or maybe i should ask my husband to pay for that hutang piutang. i just wish that money do grows on tree.

nanti boleh macam.
"haaaa, nak rm 500 sebab nak pergi shopping"

pastu boleh pergi kat luar rumah and petik petik je berapa banyak duit yang diperlukan.

wahhh. indah gila dunia.

and i am still keep on counting the days and i am happy to say that "lagi 4 hari nak balik rumahhh, woohooooo"

my subangnian friends, please be my shopping partner. please please and please.and please go anywhere else besides sunway pyramid. okay, friends? sheee, please bring me to ss15. i want that vintage baggggg.

and google partner, if you read this " you are a sweet talker and i like that" blushing tak time baca ni?hahahahahah

oh one more thing, kenapa AAR gedik nak perform time oct 10th. cehhhh, time tu dah lah dah nak dekat final exam. please postpone, pleaseeeee and make it in novemberrrr. alaaaa, nak tengok AAR.

okay. this is the end of my crapping. eh not yet. i am craving for pretzel from auntie anne's . semua salah cik siti sebab cerita pasal betapa sedapnya and lembutnya pretzel pretzel itu.

thank you for reading. tata


  1. helllo mis bajet dekan every sem
    bed debt ke bad debt?

  2. hahahhahahaha.what? miss bajet dekan every sem.euwww.
    alamak, tak perasan tertype bed debt.heh. maluuuu.

  3. hehe nice title, say hello to goodbye. nanti nak gunaaa! ehe

  4. boleh boleh. sure. i pun copycat from boys like girls punya song. sebab rasa macam cool je that sentence. :)