Thursday, November 19, 2009


Turning 20 is so scary. Hahaha. I just feel kind of old. Anyhow, thank you very much to those yang wish for my birthday, tak kiralah through phone ke myspace ke and even facebook. You guys are so sweet. Thank you thank you and thank you.

yesterday, i can’t go online and it sucks. Sampai gee and i ter end up tengok movie when harry met sally. Gee kata LOSERRRR, padahal dia pun tengok sekali. *gee,loser say whatttt? *inside joke.

And now, i don’t know what to write dah. Ketandusan idea. Macam post i yang terpendek je.

Once again, thank youuuuuuuu for the birthday wishes.

Pssttt : she and yahieee, thank you for the 42 missed calls. Don’t get mad at me,ampunnnn. *salahkan phone bergetah yang tetibe mati tu.

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